Open Source

Christian is a very active and passionate Open Source developer. He ask every team member to do the same from time to time. Therefore he and his collegs have a very good knowledge of the components they work day for day. Besides Christians involvment in theĀ Apache Software Foundation, he cares on a few other products on his own.

Involvement at the Apache Software Foundation:

  • Apache Logging (Current V. P. Logging Services, PMC Committer)
  • Apache Commons (PMC, Committer)
  • Apache Struts (PMC, Committer)
  • Apache Onami (PMC, Committer)
  • Apache Incubator (PMC)
While my working in the Incubator, I helped these projects:
  • Apache Ripple
  • Apache Onami
  • Apache
  • Apache DirectMemory
  • Apache Alois
  • Apache Zeta Components
  • Apache Cordova
For contributions to other projects you might want to look at Christians Github page.


Cicada is a lightweight framework for PHP using the latest language features like closures a lot. I am tired of huge and heavy frameworks for such an elegant and easy to use language like PHP and thats why I created Cicada. I use it in several projects a lot and I am very happy that I put so much time in it. However its pretty much undocumented and I really should create an official release of it.


Roadcrew.js lets you switch pages in single-file applications, like they are often used in mobile HTML5 projects. Despite the name, Roadcrew.js is also available in Dart.


JJSON is a library to work with JSON on the Java platform.

PIWI Framework

PIWI is a webframework similar to Coocon. It is using XSLT and XML for transforming web content. This framework is not longer actively maintained.