Who am I and for whom am I looking for

I am a passionate programmer, entrepreneur and freelancer. I blog, write a lot of Open Source and speak on conferences. I constantly have a lot of projects going on. Whatever I do, I do it with passion and as good as possible. Recently I decided to search for some help in various areas, mostly in fields where I don't have the necessary expertise/skills or I don't have the time to do it myself (even when I would love to do).

For me a good working atmosphere is important. I work hard, but I also want to enjoy that working time. And for my colleagues I want to achieve the same great feeling when they work. That said, I do not care where you work or at what times. As long as we can communicate when necessary and we can reach the goals we have agreed upon, you are free to work at your own place with your own schedule.

Jobs are open to everybody, male or female, every age, ethnicity. I do not mind about the color of your hair, your musical taste or your sexual preference. As long as you are a nice person who might be able to help me with the tasks below, get in touch.

I am not looking for permanent employees. Maybe in future I will change my mind, but for now I am glad about freelancing help. I do not believe in fixed prices, as every estimation is wrong. You'll simply get each hour paid. We'll track our times with Time & Bill.

If you are passionate too and would like to coop with me, please send your resume to cg AT grobmeier DOT de.

If you think we should speak even when I have no matching job offering, send your CV anyway. I will read it and tell you if I might consider you for a future project. If you have more questions or would like submit your CV, feel free to e-mail me.

Currently all of our positions are filled. However, we are open to getting in touch with web developers, even when we have no jobs open.